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Welcome to LeadSure

LeadSure.com is committed to managing your website and helping you get new business. If you are successful in finding new insurance customers, we know we’ve done our job. Our websites are beautifully designed and quickly convert visitors into insurance leads, find out more about our affordably priced and beautifully designed websites. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars with a web designer and a programmer, launch your site in weeks and become a leader in your market!

Over 40 million people used the internet to submit auto insurance quotes in 2011. LeadSure.com is your quickest way to tap into that market as more people become accustomed to searching online to save money on their car, home, life, health and commercial insurance policies. The days of customers walking into your office are over, consumers know the most efficient use of their time is to electronically submit their information and get quotes online through agent websites.

Using our proprietary forms, customers submit information that allows you to prepare a customized quote tailored to their needs. With the customer data entered into Lead Sure’s proprietary lead management system, you can quickly compile a list of quotes and email or call your contact up to discuss exactly what they need. You are then left to close the customer and get them signed up so you can improve your book of business – everyone wins! Most importantly you have a satisfied customer who will be with you for years since you saved them money on their insurance premiums.

Why Lead Sure? Think of us as your high quality marketing partner. If you get 20 leads and contact 8 of them on the phone or via email, let’s say 2 of them sign a new insurance policy. Those 2 new policies will more than cover the cost of the 20 leads, giving you an outstanding ROI and making this a successful customer acquisition strategy.

While you’re here, check out our expert internet marketing advice on the Lead Sure blog. Ask us questions or give us feedback, we are here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to generate leads through Lead Sure, there are several pieces of information we will need: company name, address, email and phone contact information, and the name of a contact person at your company who will handle your Lead Sure account. Get started today by clicking the Sign Up Now button on the home page.

Lead Sure may also ask you for payment information if you are signing up for one of our website management packages.

Lead Sure will give you 1 month free when you sign up for 1 year of service for one of our websites. This is a special promotion that will not be available forever so act now if you want to take advantage of it! We believe in our sites and that free month of service with your first years’ purchase (no strings attached) is there to prove to you that our sites work and get results.

Internet marketing is no longer the wave of the future; it is here today and is utilized by insurance companies that want to stay in touch with their customer base. While direct mail and cold calls may have have been your sole source of driving sales, today people look online to compare auto insurance rates, find a low cost life insurance plan and even shop for better rates for health insurance online.

If you don’t have a website, you are at a distinct advantage in attracting new customers and keeping your present ones. Most customers like the convenience of being able to read up on their insurance agent, see a friendly face (pictures work very well), and even contact their agent when they have questions. Doing business on the internet not only means that your customers can use your services at any time, but it also means your virtual store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which allows you to get new customers at any time.

When visitors to your site want to get in touch with you through your website, they have several options. First, your “Contact Us” information will give people your traditional contacts: phone, address, and email. In addition, visitors can “Request a Quote” and submit their information to help you get started on finding them a great deal on health, life, auto, commercial or any other type of insurance that you offer.

When your potential clients fill out a form for a rate quote request, they will submit their name, phone number, email, type of insurance they are interested in as well as a message. This automatically generates a lead to you via email and gets logged in the LeadSure.com dashboard (you can track all your leads and how you follow up with these leads through our dashboard). You should plan on contacting these customers right away as that significantly enhances your ability to close the deal.

Keep in mind, each person in your company can also be assigned a separate email through your new website. This feature allows you to route specific types of questions to certain employees. Instead of calling and being put on hold, your clients can contact your specialists directly and get the information they need quickly.

Yes! All you have to do is sign up for a six- or 12-month contract with one of our Lead Sure marketing services, and we will build you a new website for free.

Lead Sure understands that in order to fully utilize your new lead service, you have to have the foundation of a professional website. Our websites are capable of quickly building you a professional and highly appealing site that is designed to capture leads from people looking for insurance. Your new website will have all the features you need to generate interest in your business, including a listing in Google + Local, a web service to get your company name in front of thousands of potential customers.

We are here to make sure that your customers can find you on the web. The first step in acquiring customers online is to have a web presence and our sites get noticed. If you sign up for a marketing package Lead Sure will help you promote your site via Google AdWords and help you build links so you can start ranking for insurance phrases + the city or cities you do business in.

Of course, if you sign up for our Free Site, Lead Sure will also help you market your site and turn leads into insurance customers. Your website will immediately be placed on Google + Local, which thousands of customers are using every day to find business in their areas.

Lead Sure will also optimize your search engine terms so that people looking for your type of business on the web are directed to your new website instantly. Sign up with Lead Sure today and let us help you grow your business!

Lead Sure has found that the optimum contact for a new lead is an immediate email followed by a phone call right away when the lead comes in. If you rely on email alone, you will lose some of your potential customers who are bombarded with email advertisements every day. A personal phone call can often make the difference between a sale and no sale.

A follow-up email may be necessary if you have not yet closed the sale. Remember to list all the important points you discussed in your phone call. Of course, you should leave a message and call back within twenty-four hours if you do not reach the client on the first try.

Lead Sure has also found that three contacts is the optimum number of contact efforts in terms of both your time and energy and a potential client’s patience. After an email, a follow-up call, and another follow-up email or phone call, it may be best to put the client into a thirty-day reminder file for a future email contact.

Lead Sure recommends that you follow up with leads as quickly as possible but no later than 2 hours after the first quote request is made, if you wait even 4-8 hours, that potential customer will move on and is probably now doing business with your compeition. Many customers are looking to take action right away, so it is important to get in touch with potential clients as soon as possible and it’s also important to reach out to them more than once.

With Lead Sure’s lead generation method, you can easily manage your client communications. Quote requests arrive with a date/time stamp, so handle the first leads quickly then prioritize the others for email and phone call contact.

With Lead Sure’s lead generation system, you can control all of your lead information in one easy format and quickly contact your potential clients.

Lead Sure provides you with an ouststanding site at an affordable price. We know that a web development company can charge you thousands of dollars for a our custom site, that’s just too much money for most small insurance agencies. Instead of paying too much, pay as little as $49/month to get a beatufiul site and your own lead management system to manage your client contacts easily.

There is never a charge for the site when you sign up for our free website service. With a 12-month lead generation package, you receive the website absolutely free.

Our lead packages range in price from $49 per month for our basic Standard Package, $99 per month for our Premium Package, and $499 per month for our Market Leader package. Each package comes with a one-month free trial so that you can be sure Lead Sure is right for your business!

We know that every business is different. Our standard packages have been designed to meet the needs of the majority of our insurance business customers, but we realize you may have special marketing considerations and need certain marketing tools not available in our standard services.

If you have special marketing needs, Lead Sure can design a custom marketing package for your business that will fully utilize your website and resources to generate the best possible leads for your company. Talk to Lead Sure’s marketing experts today by calling 206-419-5107 or by emailing us at info@leadsure.com.